Saturday, 19 June 2010


Yeah... yeah, I tried to watch it today. Sorry.

And you people actually like this...? I recommend that you line up to form the back end of a Human Centipede. "Ooh, look! The Manga-faced girl who was set up to be something-cute-enough-for-everyone-to-care-about is apparently dead! Emote, you plebian scum! EMOTE!" I haven't seen such a sledgehammer attempt to make the audience cry since ET. The rest was Big Finish on a big budget.

When we were both Taverning, I used to joke that the difference between myself and Moffat was simple: I had an imagination. Now I know better: I have an imagination and a conscience.

Oh, for Heaven's sake, grow up! And learn basic storytelling skills. Because that was just... just awful.